Friday, February 12, 2010

Registered Participants

MacDonald, Brundage and Ella
McKeen, Donnie and Penny
Mawhinney, Barry
Yorsten, David
MacKeen, Allan and Gloria
Gunn, Donnie and Jenny Lynn
Young, Beth and Dwayne
Cunningham, Sally and Jamie & Jody
Porter, Charlene, Clinton and Kaitlin
Porter, Curtis and Lynds, Krista
Elsworth, Derek
McKeen, Ian and Linda
Archibald, Eldon and Olive
Sutherland, Alice
Boudreau, Jim and Patti (Our MLA)
Daley, Robert and Elizabeth
McKeen, John E. (St.Paul, MN)
Anderson, Aleah and Murray
McKeen, Lillie P.
McKeen, Keith and Carol
MacKeen, Hazel and Guest
Franklin, Betty
Laing, Clary and Jean
Martin, Becky and Dave
McKeen, Kevin L. and Carla I. (Maine)
Neil, Dawn and Kevin cannot attend but Candice and Russell Hill-Nuggent will attend in their place
MacKeen, James and Ann (Los Angeles, CA)
MacKeen, Gary
Morrison, Marilyn and Cleary
Green, Edith and Elmer
Desmond, Kathi(MacKean) and Cleveland
MacKean, Mary and Leonard
Tate, Lorraine
McKeen, Doug and Claire
Misner, Ann
Lawson, Jessie
Lawson, Robert and Ester
Asselin, Ann
Houlden, Robert and Elva, ME (Great Grandson of Benjamin McKeen who built Kirk Memorial United Church)
Wright, Bill and Joan
Walker, Robert and Betty
Greene, Patsy and Jimmy
Langille, Jacquie and Darren
MacKeen, Hazel (Herman) and Cathy and Mike Blackmore
Graham, Deanna and Donald
Gunn, Ronnie and Ethel
Greenwood-Hill, Judy
Hill, Tanya
MacLeod, Robert
McKeen, Bill and Grandson Ted McKeen, MA
McKeen, Marie
Archibald, Sheldon, Deborah and Emily
MacDonald, Brenda
Chisholm, Kevin
MacDonald, Pam
Bekkers, Grace and Andrew
MacDonald, Tommy
MacDonald, Maria
MacDonald, Edward
MacDonald, Eilidh
MacDonald, John
MacDonald, Aidan
MacDonald, Rebecca
Cameron, Donnie and Joan
Fraser, Jim
Wolfe, Rob
Dooks, Ruth
Archibald, Joyce

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